This is where I keep track of my tech goals every year to keep myself on track in my tech career journey.

2020 Goals

My goal for 2020 is to:

  1. Speak at a headliner tech conference in Asia
    • Update 2020-01-16: I will be speaking at FOSSASIA Summit 2020 in Singapore, which is on 19 - 21 March 2020.
    • Update 2020-03-22: Goal achieved - I spoke at FOSSASIA Summit 2020 on 20 March 2020. It was a relatively muted conference this time due to COVID-19, but it’s a good start. Reflection on talk here
  2. Speak at a tech conference outside of Asia (preferably in Europe and/or North America) (and hope I do not embarrass my country on the international stage)
    • Update 2020-05-21: I will be speaking at EuroPython 2020 Online, which is on 23 - 26 July 2020. This is a significant milestone for me as it will be my first time speaking at Europe’s largest Python conference, and I am immensely honoured to be sharing the (virtual) stage with highly-esteemed speakers in the global Python community.
  3. Deliver talks in at least 4 tech conferences locally and internationally
    • Current tally: 2
    • Note: Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, international travel to conferences is made virtually impossible and many conferences have been moved online.
  4. Enhance my Github portfolio with more side projects
  5. Write more tech posts to document my learning journey and (hopefully) share with more people
  6. Make more regular updates to my TIL blog, which is built using Pelican
  7. Make at least 4 Pull Requests on open-source projects
    • I currently lead a team of volunteer data scientists and computer scientists in conducting research on temporal analysis of large-scale transportation networks to model the evolution of epidemic networks and predict COVID-19 trends.
    • As a beneficiary of open source, I look forward to taking part in online sprints to contribute to open source projects that have benefited the data community.

2019 Goals

My goals for 2019 was to:

  1. Speak at a tech meetup (and hope my reputation in the tech community does not go down the drain)
    • Update 2019-09-01: Goal achieved - I did my first-ever public tech meetup talk on 27th August 2019, and over 100 people attended my talk (a larger turnout than usual). Reflection on talk here.
  2. Build up my Github portfolio
    • I uploaded more repositories on Github, filed issues on BigDataX workshop repos, and even made a pull request on pandas-dev!
  3. Write more tech posts to document my learning journey and (hopefully) share with more people
  4. Speak at a tech conference so that I can share what I’ve learnt with even more people
    • Update 2019-08-22: I will be speaking at Women Who Code CONNECT Asia 2019 in Singapore on 31st August 2019. See you there!
    • Update 2019-09-01: Goal achieved - I delivered my first-ever conference talk on 31st August 2019. Reflection on talk here
  5. Make my first Pull Request on an open-source project
    • Update 2020-01-03: Goal achieved My first pull request on pandas 1.0 was merged!