Hello! My name is Chin Hwee, and my day job is a Data Engineer at a government-linked corporation in Singapore (so technically ah-gong keeps me off the streets).

My background is not in Computer Science (I could have switched majors, but I really love studying aerodynamics and aircraft propulsion too), but I’ve been relying on writing codes on-and-off to get myself through coursework since 9 years ago. I enjoy writing code and making my codes work, ‘cos bugs are common and solving bugs helps keep my potentially-dangerous perfectionistic thoughts at bay.

More Information

My personal interests range from aviation to music. I am also interested in photography, travel, and innovation.

I’m currently learning how to make my Python codes run faster so that I can have more time to focus on machine learning. I enjoy having deep-dive discussions on how to make the world a better place through technology and human intelligence. I also have a resume, if you’re looking to hire someone for data science and engineering.

I keep track of my tech goals every year to keep myself on track in my tech career journey, check them out here.


I stumbled into public speaking when I attended Singapore Global CFP Diversity Day in March 2019, and subsequently got my first CFP submission accepted a few months later. Since then, I have spoken at various meetups and conferences locally and internationally on a variety of topics including data processing, parallel and asynchronous programming and contributing to the open source community.

One of my speaking goals in 2020 is to speak at a tech conference outside of Asia. Invite me to your conference in 2020!

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chinhwee at ongchinhwee dot com